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Recent Advances in Numerical Modelling

Recent Advances in Numerical Modelling



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This book is a collection of scientific papers presented at the first. International Interdisciplinary PhD Workshop, held at Szklarska Poręba on May 10-13, 2009. The papers presented consist of topics from a wide variety of disciplines realized at Faculties of: electric, electronic, automatic, mechatronics, bioengineering and computer sciences. We hope that all members found the subject they were interested in. As usual, participants had a chance to attend oral and poster sessions as well as visit Prague, one of the most beautiful European cities. For those keen on active rest, the mountain trek was organized. In conclusion we would like to present some pictures took during the IIPHDW’09 Conference.

Table of Contents

I Power Electronics

  1. Simulation of overvoltages generated Chile switching capacitive circuit by a vacuum switch

  2. The influence of contact construction and setting on the magnetic flux density distribution in the contact gap

  3. Electromagnetic properties analysis of dielectrics for application in electronics

  4. Numerical simulation of a thermoacoustic refrigerator

  5. Temperature of electric arc in argon – metal vapor atmosphere

  6. Ultracapacitor fractional order dynamic model – properties and experiments

  7. Improvement of visitor microstructure by Bi2O3 modification

II Applied Mathematics

  1. Parameter estimation for a hysteresis model

  2. Application of the Dirchlet – Neumann algorithm to calculations of light propagation in 3D multilayered spherical model

  3. Error Analysis for Learning Process Modeling

  4. Propagation of Light as Electromagnetic Waves in Design of Lighting Systems

  5. Integral Model of Induction Heating of Rotating Bodies with Respecting Mechanical Transient

  6. The development technology of cleaning sewage by underwater electrical discharge

  7. Automated Terrain Surface Modelling with Particle Systems

  8. Modified Broyden’s method for modeling of magnetic fields in nonlinear media

  9. Electrical impedance tomography using the level set representation with the Mumford-Shah model

  10. Clausen’s integral, Catalan’s constant and the resistance of a thin disc

  11. Application of Level Set Method in Electrical Impedance Tomography Inverse Problem

III Environmental Protection

  1. The determination of VFA and COD changes within the excessive sludge under the influence of ultrasonic waves

  2. Thermovision diagnostic of gas temperature in the chamber of gliding arc plasma reactor

  3. The influence of fertilation on energetic value and the amount of biomass from “Miscanthus giganteus”

  4. The course of anaerobic stabilization process of excessive sludge, given to the sonificationc and coming from the pulp industry

IV Bioengineering

  1. An approach to segmentation of bronchial tree from volumetric CT chest scans

  2. Detection of Magnetic Field Generated by Low Current Signals Using Novel Needle Type GMR Sensor

  3. Segmentation methods from MRI processing

  4. Breast models from optical tomography based on Boundary Element Method

  5. Measuring of pressure in intra – abdomen

  6. Analysis of nerve fiber models for modeling magnetic stimulation

V Informatics and Telecommunications

  1. Switching median filter for denosing images corrupted by impulse noise

  2. Scientific Computation with Graphical Processor Units – a Case Study

  3. Subspace Identification of a Linear Repetitive

  4. Measurement and Analysis of Surface Discharge Sound by Optical Wave Microphone

  5. Using jQuery library to improve web accessibility

  6. Applications of GMR sensors in the context of other developments biomagnetic

  7. Modelling virtual environments in X3D




37,00 zł

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